I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

a Statement of Faith


I love Jesus and believe He died for my sins

Youth sports has taken many young people out of church and made it very difficult to participate regularly in youth group activities that help them to grow in their faith. Games are on weekends and kids are training for some sport every day of the week it seems. For many years I have felt a strong desire to have my company, The Spokane Soccer Academy, be a place to help bridge that gap a little. 

I have always been hesitant to follow through on this because "I was not good enough". Anyone who has been around me knows that I am far from perfect. There are so may things I do that make me think that I am not worthy to represent Jesus' love for us.  I am not exactly the best example of forgiveness and grace.... I am extremely blunt in my assessments at times, I hold grudges, I can respond in anger inappropriately by using a profane word under my breath, I laugh at jokes I shouldn't... I could go on and on. However the more I dive into God's Word and pray about this the more convicted I am that I need to do this to some degree.  I am hoping that this might bridge the gap for kids a little bit but that it helps me to grow as well. I know I have a lot to work on and that is what life is about. 

I am starting this entire project off with just a presence within the Spokane Soccer Academy.  A presence on our website, a presence on all of our Academy t-shirts and perhaps have a blog sometime this year.

We will always be a training entity open to everyone so this addition will not impact our services or be restrictive in any way. The Spokane Soccer Academy has always been an extension of me and my beliefs when it came to soccer training. I am just opening  up  to reveal myself a little more so that our environment goes beyond the game.

In this I know I will make mistakes. I also know that when I open up to a more public way of living my faith that some may hold me more accountable for what I do and say. Faithful living does not promise us easy living but trials and tribulations prove the authenticity of our faith. I just have to do my best and respond to any failure or mistake properly.

Matthew 10:32

Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.