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Academy Calendar & Pricing


Fall Sessions

  • 5 weeks of training once a week in September and October . We move indoors and train with futsal balls to help develop speed and control. Playing with a harder ball on a harder surface helps players to be come quicker with and without the ball.

Winter Session

  • Our winter session is an 11-12 week program, meeting twice a week for an hour and a half. All participants must commit to the full 4 month time period (November through February). We take Christmas break off so that players can get away from he game and enjoy family time. Payments are split into two payments $375 due at registration in November and $220 due at the first session in January.
  • A handful of our local college players that grew up in doing our sessions come back to serve as coaches during this time and we love the fact that they can be positive role models and help teach our participants what it takes to grow and develop!
  • During this time period the move indoors limits the number of participants we can take on due to the limtied space we have. The first opportunity to register for these indoor session is given to year round families first. After that we give participants in the last session the next opportunity to register so that they continue their training with us. If we have any space open after that we backfill remaining spots off of our waiting list.  We do have an open registration period if returning players opt out and there is no waiting list.  

Spring Sessions

  • 5 weeks of training  in March and April, usually at Spokane Falls Community Colleges.   We like to add bigger technical areas into our programming,  like Striking & Finishing or knocking balls over distance, during this time because we have spent so much time on smaller technical areas. We still do a lot of footwork and coordination but we also give players the opportunity to strike on goal.

Summer Sessions

  • 6 weeks of training twice a week in June and July
  • We have quite a few former participants that are now playing in college that come home for summer that we hire to help with our sessions. It is so cool to see young adults that started our sessions at 10 and 11 years old teaching the next generation of players coming out of Spokane. Its a very unique environment from that perspective!
  • This is our most popular session and can be one of the most impactful.  We have multiple sessions at Dwight Merkel and Plantes Ferry Park to make it easier for families to find a location as close as possible. 
  • We have a brief early registration discount period where players can get $25 off for registering early!

High School Girls Pre-Season Clinic

  • This 4 day - 8 hour clinic is designed to promote player confidence and encourage players to be outgoing in order to build relationships when in a new group. Along with challenging and fun training we have senior mentors that help lead small group warm-ups and interact with younger players who may not be as confident in a new environment.
  • These seniors and juniors in high school are players who have been involved in our academy for years and understand that being inclusive is a key to developing a strong training environment. With that in mind they are constantly encouraging younger players to never be afraid of failure!

Seasonal Fees and Discounts

  • Fall Sessions > $150 per player
  • Winter Session > $595 per player
  • Spring Sessions > $150 per player
  • Summer Session > $295 per player
  • HSG Clinic > $135 per player

Fall & Spring Discounts ( 5 weeks / 1x a week / 1.25-1.5 hour sessions): 

  • 1st Child = $150
  • 2nd Child = $130
  • 3rd+ Child = $120

Winter Discounts (12 weeks / 2x a week / 1.5 hour sessions) : 

  • 1st Child = $590
  • 2nd Child = $550
  • 3rd+ Child = $500

Summer Discounts (6 weeks / 2x a week / 1.5 hour sessions) :

  • 1st Child - $295
  • 2nd Child - $275
  • 3rd+ Child - $250 

HSG Discounts ( 4 days / 2 hours a day): 

  • 1st Child = $135
  • 2nd Child = $115
  • 3rd Child = $100